A while ago i shared how i don't have jobs anymore. I used to have two, for those who didn't hear that news. But for two different reasons, i don't have them anymore. Which means, i only rely on support. I do try to not spend, well almost anything, because i don't have my own income anymore. But i am still surviving! Yes, that is a word i'd use, because well it is very "challenging" to live like this. I use the word challenging, because using a word problematic or hard, isn't usually shared in christian circles. But it is very hard. I don't say this because you'd feel pity on me. I share...

Secrets hidden inside...

This is a VERY scary, open, vulnerable thing i am sharing. Might need tissues. Might be terrible to read. Proceed at your own risk.....
For quite a while i have thought if i should write this. And i think i will. Well i am. You know. This is hard thing for me to speak of, but i want you to know. You, who looks into my life through my blog. Even when we don't really talk regularly or aren't even like friends, but you just know me and find my writings interesting. Or you who is my friend and who knows me but not that much, so you read and hope to know me more. I won't come to...

Bible reading plans, options, ways

Over time, i have tried so many Bible reading plans and different ways to read/study the Bible. I can tell you that a lot of them have very high expectations to get things read. There are pros and cons for Bible reading plans. Here's some i thought of. Later i will share my *extensive* list of plans i've bookmarked over the time.


  • if you have no idea what to read, they will tell you.
  • if you have no idea how much to read, it helps
  • if you are looking for some special thing like "let's read through the Bible in a year or two", or "read 5 days a week" or whatever else, these help.
  • if you...

Prayer - unbelief, mediocre, greediness?

I use a Bible app on my phone where i have a Bible reading plan called Life application study Bible devotion. It's a year long plan with a small devotion and a verse or two after that. App is found here with their online version too if you wish to see: BIBLE

Anyway, through the years that I've been a christian, 5 or so years, I've more or less always struggled with reading God's word. I have tried different reading plans, translations, languages (Estonian and English), different locations, times etc. Nothing has got me hooked on it just yet. But i am working on it still. So Since i know my...

Tv-series i watch

Well i do watch quite a lot of them. Sometimes i wonder why, but mostly i watch them to:

  1. distract my head from not thinking all the negative stuff or overthinking things
  2. entertainment after classes on my free time
  3. boredom.

Also, must warn you. Not all of this are suitable for everyone. Everyone has different sensitivity to what they see on screen. Some people are okay watching horror movies, i am for example not. Some people are okay seeing people have sex on screen. Not for me thank you very much. So this is what i have currently interests in. I put here all i can remember for now. And...