Australia (part 3)

Where were we... oh yes, christmas was celebrated properly now in a warm Australian weather.

Next day (29th of december) Peter's mum and sis took me out wanting to spend some "girl" time with me :) We went to have coffee at Artista i think it was called. Apparently one of the best coffee places in town. And yes it was good, but i had had already two big coffees at home. And third one there was a bit too much, but at least it was a good one! Then we went "op-shopping" as Australians call it. Which for other people who don't know what that means, is second hand shops. We went to quite...

AUSTRALIA (part 2)

---the story continues.
It's the 26th of december, and again i wake up to strange sounds. My motel is located close to the golf course, which means more animals there. And by the sounds i have no idea, if it's monkey, or a bird or whatever. Kinda strange, but not scared. I know how before going to Australia, people are like "oh, you know there's like poisonous stuff there, like frogs, snakes and such?!". Me "Yup, i know!" :) I mean, i have never been afraid of nature. On the contrary. In my country, Estonia, you go to the forest, you can touch animals, they are fine, mostly they run from...

AUSTRALIA (part 1) - long awaited post about my time down under

Yesterday i got to a point where i was thinking that, oh, haven't really posted about my trip much. And it's been way too long. Some people have asked me about it, but mostly they ask about "how did he propose" :D
But besides the proposal to have my hand in marriage, which i'll also write about, i'd love to share what did happen there in the two weeks i spent there.

To start off, i had to ask time off from school. For two weeks. I prayed a lot, but got the permission. We had then purchased tickets for me and this was my first time traveling all on my own this long. Kind of scary, anxiety...

Writing anxiety smaller

Today was just horrible. Terrible. Frustrating. Well it didn't start out like that. Well not entirely. Wait, let me rewind and start from the morning.
I wake up to the sound of my alarm, as i write this i can't even recall what my alarm sound is. Some things just become so routine that we forget them. Well maybe it's just me. But waking to my alarm i felt terrible. Not sure why, but waking up feels awful lately. And by lately i mean... emm 2-3 months or so? Can't even tell anymore. Sometimes i lose track of time how long i've had some things. So i try waking up, moaning about another day...

Something odd...

I have no idea what is going on with my body. No, i won't creep you out but just try putting down, what is going on with my health. It's been strange lately. And by lately i mean... well about couple of months at least.
At this point, i can't even remember what was the first thing that hit me. But right now, there's quite a few things at the same time. Not sure if they are related or not, but they sure have made my life well hard. Currently in bed with a headache. I can probably assume it's from the fact that i want to quit coffee. And maybe little jetlag. After all i arrived on saturday...

Peter and I

The following is the story of how Peter and I met and fell in love. It will take you approximately 45 minutes to read entirely, so settle in and enjoy (or read it in sections at your leisure).


Online Dating History


My dating history online isn't that long, but there have been few...