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What if i told you that you would face lots of hardships. You will have troubles, worries, problems. Adversity. Like it's for sure you will get there. 

What if every area in your life looked miserable. Sad. Hard. Impossible. Troublesome. Worrying. Concerning. What then? What would you do? 

Adversity in our lives is inevitable. This is what Google says adversity is: 


So here's an honest confession. My life lately, well not very lately, for quite a long time, has been full of adversity. Fairly unpleasant amount of situations. Circumstances. And by the long time i mean, year, two...

Moses! Moses!


So hiiii! It's me again! I am now reading Exodus in my quiet time. Or time with God. Or devotional time. People call that in so many different names. Also unrelated picture, because Sarah is just adorable. But i realised i needed to do another blog post because God is speaking so much into my life through the beginning of Exodus. I have read only six pages so far. (by the way, if you are new here HI! I am reading Bible one page a day). But there's so so much i want to unpack, digest and analyse. And often writing helps me do that so well.
So let me just get on with this.

Chapter 1

Been a while - but i got something i gotta share!


Hi! So if you haven't been here before, heelloooo! My name is Mirjam, you could probably guess that. And this is my blog. I haven't writte over a year, because well. Who cares? I want to be unapologetic with this. I am not consistent with this blog, so mostly you can find my posts on instagram/facebook. But today, i got a bit more to say. And typing on my phone a longer message got a bit too much.

This picture was taken last night. We had a nice family walk after dinner. It was still light outside. My husband took this. And i didn't originally want to post this, because i can tell how...

Waiting waiting

As i sit here with my 38 week pregnant belly in our new rental apartment, i realized i have forgotten to blog for quite a while. Nope, there won't be apologizing, because why? It's not an obligation. But more like a pleasure to me when i feel like it.
But lately, life has been a lot of waiting.

We moved to Estonia a bit over two months ago now. I was then 27 weeks pregnant, and well flying was uncomfortable even back then. Airport walks were tiring, patience was running low. But we made it. We made it to Estonia which was just coming out of winter. Peter was able to experience all the...

Doom and gloom - when your life reminds you of the life of Job

One of the things i hope to do this year is to read more. Which in turn helps me to be closer to God and understand Him more/deeper. Every year i think about all the Bible reading plans out there. And surely i have tried my fair share of them. And failed. So many times. They just often don't work. If i have a plan with deadline (say you want to read through the Bible in a year), life just gets in the way. Same with any deadline related plan. No matter how small portion the reading is. So in that sense, i have felt like a failure a lot! I've tried, and quit a lot of plans. Starting a...

Year review 2017/ goals 2018 - part 2 of 2.

So yesterday's post was full of memories and emotions. Moments we've been through already. So in some ways, this post might be considered even boring. But in other ways, I and we, want to set ourselves goals, because well if you don't even try, then you are gonna be the same. Setting yourself goals and at least trying, even when failing, you have at least some chance of succeeding. You can then tell yourself that you tried. And throughout the year, I am pretty sure I might change and adjust the goals. Especially considering that having a new family member will change a lot.

But as we were...

Year review 2017/ goals 2018 - part 1 of 2.

So today, we had a date, and finally got around to doing the review of this year. Which means that I just felt that we have been through quite a lot and looking back was necessary. So I went around the internet (and well Pinterest my trusted friend) to look for questions and we compiled a list of questions to review our current year, but also to prepare for the next.

So here's part 1 of that. We managed to get through reviewing this year today. It was an emotional rollercoaster (i blame the pregnancy hormones, but also it has been a very challenging year). Of course, I won't be sharing all...

3 months pregnant & moving to Estonia in 100 days

3 months pregnant

So today I am 3 months pregnant. Well officially 13 weeks and (checking her pregnancy app..) 2 days pregnant. It's been.. hmm interesting would be a good word. 

Life has been fairly challenging. This is my first pregnancy and surely surely, I am super scared at times. And I am prone to worry. Like a lot. Because we all have heard horror stories of pregnancies. Or how something can go wrong. And all that. And whenever you feel something, or even when you don't, your mind decides to race 100km/h to all the wrong places. I believe God is trying to grow me in this time....

Let's get unstuck! (part 2)

It's been a little over a month since my last blog post. And it's been (as always) a learning time. Until we meet Jesus face to face, i don't think we'll ever stop learning.

First of all. Apologies are in order. I have realized that last time me sharing how you "should" start your day right, might work for some people, but not so well for others. In the last month i have met many wonderful people and thinking of them, made me think, rethink, and apologize. Me, currently unemployed and having loads of free time, have all the time in the world in the morning to hang out with God. You on the...

Let's get unstuck! (part 1)

Since the things i want to share are rather long, then this is gonna be series of blog posts.

Firstly, i ask that you would pray. Take that moment for prayer and ask God what He wants to show you through this blog post. He has put so so much on my heart lately and i am excited to share that with you!


General idea of these blog posts are about us as Christians being stuck in old things. Old habits, thoughts, even illness and other things that we CAN be free of. If that doesn't make you excited, i don't know what will!

For couple of weeks now God has been stirring my heart. He's been...