"I'm sorry" - unapologetic

These two things in the title, they really don't fit together. One of them is something that i have learned from early age. To be sorry. For almost anything. Just to be safe you say it more often than you really need to. Just so you wouldn't cause others hurt, or maybe even before hurt comes you say "sorry" before every other sentence, opinion or comment.
The other part - being unapologetic - is something I REALLY REALLY still need to learn. This is what i want to write about.

But first, let me share where the inspiration for this blog post comes from. I am entertaining my unemployed self...

Expressing your inner most thoughts

I can tell you this is not easy. In no way what is going on in my head is easy. I don't say this to get pity, or even sympathy. No, i say that because it's true.

I woke up today at 2:45. Yes, in the middle of the night. Sweating. It is odd. I know. I looked at my phone to check the time. And thought to try sleeping more. I tried. For entire 15-20 minutes. While that time passed my mind was racing. I remembered an odd dream before i woke up about a pencil case and how it was so perfect. Random, i know. I also thought how i am so sick of being so sick. I thought about writing this and so now...

A christian having a depression

Here's the thing. Too many people don't get it. Don't get what it feels like to be me at times of cloudiness, rough days and all that. So let me explain. Maybe you know someone who has symptoms like i do. Or maybe you have. And maybe this helps you in either case.

Anyway, too often i've heard so much how people say the wrong things. I understand that sometimes you don't know what to say, but let me tell you what not to say to people with depression and anxiety.

Don't tell me to "just get better". Or "you just have to think happy thoughts". It makes me feel like i brought it on myself. Like...