I hope this site helps people to see how a christian life isn't just a holy beautiful thing, but how it can also be a messy thing, a super honest view on a life of a woman who follows Jesus as best she can. Besides that you may find random thoughts, inspiration from social media, photos, graphic design and so on. If you like what you see, let me know! It inspires to get feedback and know that writing isn't just for me to process my thoughts, but also for others to be inspired.
If this honesty is too much for you, forgive me. But i've seen how life lived honestly and openly is way easier than hiding things. Enjoy and be blessed!

PS! Married to a kind, handsome, charming Aussie man and living in Estonia! Mum to a tiny human called Sarah Anderson.

Peter's thoughts

Mirjam is a very open and honest person who may appear to enjoy sharing her experiences with others, but in fact she finds it quite difficult. She fears criticism and judgement, but ultimately she knows that being honest about her struggles is beneficial to others, and so, in that way, she's quite selfless and extremely brave.

What you read on this blog may shock you. You might cry, sympathise, cringe or groan, but you will also laugh and smile and you will certainly be blessed, encouraged and strengthened.

Mirjam is a beautiful woman, and I know that I'm quite biased in saying that, but everyone who knows her personally will agree that not only is she beautiful on the outside, but she's so very beautiful on the inside too. It is my hope that as you read this blog you'll come to see that beauty in her too.