I open my eyes to hear again the sound of monkeys as the sun gets ready for the day, so does the nature. It sounds like monkeys, but by now i know they aren’t. They are fun birds that just make the sound of a monkey to my ears. They are called kookaburra’s. I don’t want to leave my bed as mornings are cold still. You wouldn’t expect that from Australia, as it’s commercially usually shown as a sunny place. It is, mostly. But sunny doesn’t always mean warm. So how has life been down under? Let me tell you.

I arrive after long travel in Sydney airport, relieved that my long journey is getting to an end. I have switched my phone sim-card from Estonian one that i used in Denmark, to an Aussie one that Peter sent me and i am texting him that i am here. Almost there darling! He was waiting for me right after the security. BUT!!!! I get through passport and such easily, i go to the suitcase lint thing that rolls around. It’s been quite a while and suitcases keep popping up from the rolling belt that brings them up. I keep searching for mine. Most people seem to have found theirs. I keep waiting. And waiting. The lint that brought them up stops. I start to worry as mine is still nowhere to be seen. I ask one of the ladies who wears a uniform and is standing close by, “do you think there will be more suitcases coming?” She doesn’t think so and directs me to luggage claim counter. A nice young man deals with me. I am not mad, i am not upset, it’s just life. After all, i am here! I am safe and God has held me safe through my travels. I put in a lost suitcase report. They look for it on their computer and figure out that it didn’t get on the plane. “Oh?!” is all i can say to that. What else would you say if your suitcase didn’t want to travel with you?
After some paperwork, they say i have to go to another place to claim some money and essential toiletries. I thank them and get on my way, with just a carry on. I texted Peter “They lost my life!”. He knew what i meant, as i literally had packed my life into ONE suitcase of 30kg. It also has my laptop. And all of my clothes. Well my entire life.
I get through customs and declaring things easy, nobody wants to see you if you don’t have a suitcase. And he waits for me! With flowers and chocolate!!! He is the best! Surely i am glad to be here!
We get some money, toiletries and head off. We still have a long car ride to get to Coffs Harbour. That’s where we are now.

Few days later we hear about shooting and suicide bomber in Turkey. I feel awful for people there, but i am grateful for God keeping me safe. I went through that airport. Just few days earlier. Same day i also hear about Singapore, and a plane catching fire…. God really is keeping an eye on me and us! We are blessed to be together.
I arrived monday and suitcase got to me on thursday i think. I was glad to get more clothes!!! :D

So what has been two weeks like? As you can imagine, a lot of jetlag, tiredness, sleeping restlessly. Eating when i am hungry, and a whole lot of wedding planning. Considering that in two weeks we have been able to find both of us entire wedding outfits, choose some colors, try some dessert options… i think we are doing well. I do hate shopping, so i am glad wedding dress and accessories are now in my room waiting for the important day when i can finally be Mrs Anderson :) I love that name by the way!

In other times, we have also done a lot of driving. Be it to a different town for a shop, or just to the seaside to take a day off. I loved that day! We just took some sandwiches with us, picnic blanket and books and went to the seaside to just have a day off. I really needed that. With almost every day there has been something that needs doing, or appointments, we had to schedule time off. And it was amazing. I love how sea is different here. Well officially it’s an ocean, but we still say seaside. I watch big waves and some crazy people even go swimming in that. It’s not too cold, like Estonian summer. I play with the waves with sweatpants pulled up to my knees. They come and i jump up. They go away and i wait for more. It’s so fun! But i am only in up to my knees when a wave hits me. And then it’s just sand again.
It was fun to watch how people just come to a beach, take shirt off (a guy), threw a towel from his shoulder to the ground and go to the waves. And he kept on going. Jumping under the waves as it hit him. I wouldn’t be brave enough. Maybe one day. But for now, i admire the power of waves from afar.
I also found a small cliff. And of course! i had to climb it. :D Barefoot. I couldn’t resist. I think Peter was a bit scared when i did that, but i am careful (promise!).

Besides planning, resting, getting over jetlag we have also seen contact lense person. Getting them today. Things are more strict here. Example: In Estonia if you know your prescription you can order things online, or walk into a shop and ask for them. Here, they get you a full eye test, then give you trial contacts for like 4-5 days, and then you go back to have one more test and then they order yours in. And few days later you get them. More strict things here.
We have put in an order for our rings. We have just had my medical exam done yesterday for our prospective marriage visa. We have started a Prepare course (pre-marriage course with Peter’s pastor). I have randomly got on a stage last sunday to help with worship, as other people didn’t show up. Didn’t know half the songs before, but did my best.

So life has been pretty hectic. Not in the sense that i don’t have free time. I do. But i miss sometimes the order and schedule i had in college. It was more predictable. But it’s okay. I comfort myself with the thought it’s temporary, this time of planning and schedules and appointments. Like today, probably gonna check out two apartments (looking for a home for us to move into after the wedding), then we are gonna see my hairdresser for consulting about my wedding hairdo, then getting my contacts that just arrived to the shop. And in the meantime i made some preparations to have Pavlova in the evening (omnomnom).

Australia is treating me nicely. And sure we have still rough edges to sand down between us, but that’s normal. I am happy, i am blessed and i am very much well looked after.

Special thank you.
For everyone who helped us with GoFundMe! We are so grateful! We didn’t reach our goal and if you still feel like helping us, to help us with furniture or whatever else we need after the wedding, the link is still there. https://www.gofundme.com/mirjam
I know it still says that help me to get here. I AM HERE! YAY! Big big thank you to those helping us to be reunited!

Wedding is in LESS THAN 25 DAYS!!! Exciting but also busy time!

Back to organizing now! Laters and be blessed!