We left off where we just got splashed with water. Well now comes new years eve! First time ever that i have new years eve in a)in another country; b) in another continent; c) in a warm climate! :D Haa! So many firsts through this trip.

So what do you do when you have nothing to do on the last day of the year? Well we went to the cinemas to start with. Watched Good Dinosaur. If i were a kid, i would’ve cried. (well i’m an adult, i still cry at the movies. Sometimes.). So we saw that. After that we went to have lunch for one of the gifts that we got for christmas, it was a voucher or something for a place called Coffee Club. And i do remember this food, because it was so good! I ordered some maple syrup thing (was it waffles or pancakes?). Shoot, so much for memory… Haa! I took a picture! Yay for smartphones, so it was FRENCH TOAST!!! Who wouldn’t love french toast with maple syrup and stuff! That was sooo goood! I do remember that it took a long time to wait for service, but the food was amazing.
Then Peter has wrote in our trip notes that we had devotions and prayer then. Maybe it’s just so common thing, but i have no memory of that. So sorry dear readers, not everything is exciting and wonderful that i can remember. You can imagine how hard it is to remember stuff that you did over the course of two weeks and write it from memory with only keywords as your guide :)

Anyway, then i attempted to cook dinner. Attempted meaning i was in no way satisfied with how this turned out, but since i was staying at Peter’s parents house, I am not used to just not doing anything around the house, so tried cooking. People ate, nobody died, and food was tolerable. But not great. Probably my self-criticism too, but yes, will try better next time.
Wasn’t that eventful day and we finished it with a movie we started previous day.

1st of january! Happy new year to us!
I felt like doing something for brekkie (breakfast) and we made banana pancakes. Just a little bit. I love them! I usually eat them straight when they are ready and get off the pan, gone. To my stomach :D They are so good, and mostly healthy too ;) All you need is 1 banana, 1egg, little cinammon. That’s it. Smash together, fry, flip, fry, eat. Moan with yumminess. Really good to use up bananas when they start to go out (turn brown).
So had those. Then we watched something on tv. Oh and if you wonder about fireworks, well we were boring and tired and didn’t stay up for fireworks! I know, so weird. Might be getting old :D hahaa!
Then we went to yoghurtland to get some dessert! Yay for frozen yoghurt and all the extras! Came back to finish movie on tv or something. Pretty much had a lazy first day.
Then went out for a date. :) He took me to movies and dinner. Movie was okay, but nothing too special (Point Break), had dinner at a place called Almalfi, which has the best Tiramisu that i’ve had! (I NEED more of that!). Finished that off walking on a jetty, which is very romantic place. I love walking side by side with Peter. Just leaning on his shoulder or holding his hand.
Oh and as christmas wasn’t entirely over, we watched Charlie Brown when we got back :) If you haven’t seen Charlie Brown’s christmas movie, do watch that.

2nd of january… (he proposes this day!!!!)
We leave early to go explore Dorrigo. It’s a really amazing place! I am again baffled by mountains (remember, Estonia - flat country). I mean real mountains here. Like layers in the horizon. Layers like on a painting if you’d see them. Oh wow! I just stand on the end of a skywalk thing and love it! I am so so glad Peter took me here! We walk through rainforest and Peter warns me more about different things that might be poisonous or dangerous. Meaning, stay on the path as much as possible. It was a bit chilly outside the rainforest, but in there, it’s humid and gets warm easily. The walk takes longer than i thought it would, but we finally reach a waterfall. By that time i am tired, and probably complain a bit too much (sorry sweetie!). Waterfall is nice, but my tiredness and hunger and just still jetlag too, gets the best of me and i don’t fully enjoy what he brought me here to see. We take few quick pictures and head back.
Okay, here’s embarrassing funny story… Warning, might be a bit disgusting. Proceed with caution. Anyway, so at one point i needed to pee real bad. And you are in a middle of a rainforest path. And you kind of are a bit cautious about nature and all that poisonous things. Not to mention other people also exploring there. So we finally find a place where i can go to bushes a bit without touching too many plants (or whatever might be crawling on the plants right?). So i do my thing and while walking back to the trail i realize, oh shoot! I have stepped into someones’ nr 2!!! OH my oh my! And it stinks. No, i don’t mean like stink like you step into dog thing and it stinks. This one stinks real bad. The nature is dry enough that there’s no grass to rub my sneakers in. So i am stuck with stinky sneaker the whole way back. As soon as we reach the car, removing my shoe and barefoot time! (see benefits of warm climate!) Then we wonder what to do, because you really don’t want to put it in the car which you have to drive back right? Well not sure where, but Peter had a throw-up bag from somewhere. So we shove my shoe in there and seal it and throw it in the trunk :D huh! That’s out of the way now!

We proceed back to the grass area to have picnic. Randomly a turkey walks around. Yes, turkey. Like the bird. You know the one that other countries have for thanksgiving meal? Well apparently Australia has wild turkeys and they randomly walk around. Like Estonia has pigeons and crows and sparrows. Here’s a turkey. And that’s kind of creepy. But also funny. :D We shoo it off to the bushes. Annoying to try to eat when turkey is staring at you.

After having picnic lunch we leave to go to another lookout. We find some cows on the way, and surely i insist i take pictures :D But the lookout he took me too, is even prettier than the previous! I am just amazed at God’s creation and how this country is so pretty! I keep falling in love with Peter, but also this country!

The day isn’t over yet… but let’s continue another day…