Last i wrote it was november i think, and nope - not sorry that i haven’t written. Rather have been living my life. And yes, a lot has happened in between.
So what has really happened for those who aren’t that close to us, might not even know?
We have been to New Zealand for a week. God covered all the costs, BUT it wasn’t a good trip. Let me explain. Immigration people told me to leave the country, for my visa. So currently i am on a working holiday visa (WHV), and when i was back in Denmark we applied for partner visa, which would allow me to stay here longer. So to get that approved or granted, i also needed to be outside Australia. And cheapest option was New Zealand. Sadly we came back to bad news.

So we got back and hadn’t heard from them still. Surely i started investigating. Sent them an email and waited. AND guess what? I cried. Of course i did. Because they said they never got our itinerary email. Which we were supposed to send them (AND I DID!), before we traveled, so they’d know to apporve my visa once we are outside of Australia. So some drama later, they found the email and didn’t admit their mistake or anything, but said that we have to go again.
So now, our second trip is coming up and we might be able to ask for some compensation after this, due to them losing emails and such. But still have to go. First trip we went to Christchurch and stayed there in an AirBnB for a week. Now, we go to Auckland. In the middle of march.

In other news, by now we have been married 6 months already! Wow how time flies!? It’s been a time of growing. So much growing and learning. BUT i wouldn’t do it without my handsome prince charming. He is the sweetest most wonderful friend, partner, husband, man, i have ever met. <3 Just adore this man!

Australia is currently treating me with a big heatwave. Today it was 38C around here. And we currently live in a place without AC. So we’ve been often hiding in shopping mall with AC or Peter’s parents house :) It’s lovely to have in-laws that are close to us and who have always been so supportive, nice and friendly.

And then, well this is a hard topic for me. But over the course of 6-7 years that i’ve been a christian, i’ve been afraid to tell my family about God. I’ve tried a bit, but was faced with opposition and people thinking that i am oppressing my opinion on them. And so God put on my heart to tell them. Right after my grandmother died, who also didn’t know God as much as i know.
I just couldn’t afford NOT telling them anymore. Me as a christian knowing that devil is real, hell is real. Heaven is real, salvation is real. And not telling my family, just couldn’t keep it to myself anymore.
So i wrote them a long letter. Handwritten one. About where i came from, what i believe and what Jesus is all about. I urged all of them to read it, for it is important to me. I literally wanted to hold my breath until it was traveling to Estonia, but that’d be rather impossible.
Letter did reach them, but i surely didn’t get the response as i wished. I understand after my lovely husband comforted me from crying again for my families salvation, that it’s not them that are doing this. It’s not them who are upset and angry and all that. It’s the enemy in them. Reminds me of when Jesus was on the cross saying “Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do…”.
It’s hard for me to see my family unsaved, and me being only christian. Confessing my faith to them, trying to share what Jesus is all about, seem to only push them further away from me. And that sure is hard. God has put their salvation on my heart, and even though i am not perfect and occasionally forget to pray about it, i do pray. I pray that in God’s time, they’d find Him. They’d find that freedom in Jesus. I have done my job, and that’s all i can do for now.

Life goes on, with ups and downs. As usual. We eat, sleep and watch tv. We go for walks or drives. We plan budget and do grocery shopping. We have occasional dates and occasional arguments. Like everyone else. We go to church on sundays and serve where we can. I was wondering if we should do a blog post about being frugal/saving/budgeting/grocery shopping? Let me know if you are interested and we could come up with something :)

I hope you are close to God. If not, take the time and hang out with Him. Don’t worry about what to pray, what words to use, where to read the Bible, but just invite God to spend time with you and see what happens. And don’t worry, this is not me trying to sound holy, things i write, are often preaching to myself too. None of us are perfect, but let this be a reminder to someone who needs it today. A time out with Heavenly Father, who’s always there to listen.