21 weeks now I have been a mom. Even though our little one is in my tummy for now - that on its own makes me a mother. Taking care of a child starts in the womb. At least for me and us. I know that baby needs nutrition, occasional gentle exercise (mostly walks for us). I know how I feel comfortable and your body or the baby will let you know when you are doing something wrong. Be it your body making you have acid because you ate the wrong things, or baby kicking around inside you when you are laying on the wrong side. (that last one hasn’t happened to me yet, but I’ve heard that some moms can feel when the baby is uncomfortable on one particular side when trying to sleep).
You hear all the warnings of what you shouldn’t do during pregnancy. Be it heavy lifting, like heavier grocery bags or not moving furniture around (unless you slide it around like I did). Or all the things you shouldn’t be eating. And all the things that can go wrong AFTER the baby “arrives”. Choking hazards, SIDS, diaper rashes (least of our worries) and so on. There’s so so much out there that keeps putting thoughts in our heads that we should walk on eggshells.

I say no!

I refuse to be afraid. I refuse to be the worried mommy who even before the baby is born wonders if I’ll make it. Will I be a good mom? Will I handle it? No no no! 
Our neighbour has a baby, who in the last couple of days has been crying quite a lot. And me, hearing all that, of course, i’ll wonder how will I manage that? If our baby will cry like that, inconsolable. Nothing would settle them. So as always, I turn to my husband and ask him to pray with me. We refuse to let anxiety come in, to make us doubt that we can’t do this. If we aren’t capable to be parents, God wouldn’t have given us this child. That is what I will choose to think about. He will prepare a way. He will help us through. No matter what comes, we can lean on Him.

I know it takes an effort and much deliberate choosing not to worry. I know it’s hard. But as a first-time mom, I need to do that. For our baby. For our little one, who is still being knit together in my womb by the Almighty One.  And I am sure it’s not just moms who worry.
I am so glad I have a husband to turn to. And even better, a God who gives hope, peace and encouragement. Knowing that He has a plan. That He will take care of us regardless of what happens. That He will help us through. This will carry us as a couple, but also as parents, through this growing season where we prepare to be parents to a little tiny human.

I want to encourage parents here. Whether you are like me, expecting. Or maybe your kids are already all grown up. Or maybe you haven’t even gotten to kids or marriage yet. All our kid(s) can ask of us as parents, is to do our best. Do your best at parenting. I know everyone will have their opinions on how you need to raise your kid(s). But you do you. Do what you feel is best for your child(ren). And that’s all. Your best will be enough. Same goes with God. We, God’s children, do our best to please Him in our daily walk. That’s all any parent could ask from a child. So it goes both ways. We all do our best. In everything. And pray for everything also. It really does help.