There’s a new season coming and I just HAVE to tell you all!

But let me start with some older news.


We are vegan. Me 86 days now, Peter 58 days today. And why? Well it all started quite a while ago, in my old work place, where there was a girl who was a vegan. And it made me think. More than 2 years later, that same interest came back. And then we watched some documentaries. I can’t remember which ones i watched alone, and which ones with Peter. But things i have watched:

  • Earthlings (very graphic, and very real. How farm animals are treated.)
  • Forks over knives
  • Fed up (sugar related)
  • That sugar film (same as previous)
  • Cowspiracy
  • What the health

There might have been others, but can’t remember. So all these influenced my and later our choices. If you know where your food comes from and care about animals, environment and the future of our planet. Well i just couldn’t be part of those murders. How i saw that cows were still alive when they cut their throats. Chickens boiled alive. Fish scaled and skinned alive. They feel pain, they hurt, they are scared. Same way we do. We wouldn’t eat a dog, yet we eat other animals. Not to mention cow’s milk, that legally is allowed to contain cow puss and blood. Some percentage, but still. It’s meant for baby cows, not for us. All those cow hormones in them. I don’t want that.

And all those documentaries also pointed how vegan live longer, healthier lives. Yes omnivores/carnivores (meat eaters), can and usually argue with me/us (vegans). But i don’t argue. We and I just do my thing. I respect what you do. If that’s how you want to live, that is your choice. I want to live eating plant based foods. Knowing what i knew after watching all those documentaries, seeing youtube videos, i couldn’t go on consuming things that would make me sick. I had a plan for my life. AND GOD has a plan for our lives. Not to mention for my future kids lives. I want to give them a better future, a better planet. And being vegan helps tremendously.

So mostly going vegan was due to three reasons. 1. Health. 2. Environment. 3. Caring for animals. That’s my perspective. Peter has a different story, but this is my blog, so i’ll keep it to mostly me. :D
I’ve been asked a lot of questions. Like wait, where do you get protein if you are vegan? And calcium? And all the rest of those questions about nutrition. Sad thing is, most people more than likely don’t know how much protein, calcium and whatever else is in their foods. I mean percentage wise? So usually to those questions, i do a quick google and send them a info graphic picture. Two examples here.

Oops, got three. But there you go. Plenty of places to get my nutrition. I don’t feel i am lacking anything! Rather i feel more alive, more energy. Less hunger. And saving animals daily by not eating them. I am not forcing anyone to do that, but I do challenge you to watch some of these documentaries, or all of them. When you know the truth, then what?


(no this is not me screaming, just overly super trooper excited!!!!)
According to my cool pregnancy app that i love (Ovia pregnancy), i am 4weeks and 5 days along. Our baby is the size of a poppyseed right now. And growing!
247 days until due date according to my app. But that might change during pregnancy.
We believe that God is bigger and we tell people early on. Because we do NOT live in fear of miscarriages or any other worries that world wants to put on us. We live according to His Word. And God has given us this baby. We believe that I will carry this to full term, have a PAIN FREE and QUICK delivery, because Jesus already paid for all our sins, transgressions, sicknesses and all that. Same way, i will expect NO NAUSEA or any other silliness that the world wants to put on us! WE believe that God is bigger than that. All this is coming thanks to a book that my friend who is Estonian, but lives in America, recommended me/us to read. It’s called Supernatural Childbirth. And it is amazing! And we are reading it together with Peter. And will believe God bigger than ever before!
SO all prayers are welcome. And happy to answer any questions or whatever else. And no need to worry about vegan pregnancy. It’s actually way more safe than other people who eat meat/dairy/eggs. Because i don’t have to worry about meat being fully cooked, milk going off, eggs being undercooked, seafood that might be bad. All those things, not applying to this lady! :D

We have already seen my GP once. Took some blood test and urine tests and seeing her again in about 4 weeks when i am 8 weeks along. We are healthy and happy and intend to stay that way fully pregnancy!

To all who are rejoicing with us! FEEL FREE (i actually hope you do) ask others to pray too! And pray for us. Pray for healthy pregnancy, healthy baby, adjusting to this new season in our lives. And all those small and big things that come with having a baby! And i am so glad we have a family of believers around us! We are privileged and blessed to have fellow christians all over the world! Thank you, each and every one of you!

Well this is a short one. But just had to share the news, in case you missed it from Facebook or Instagram! :) I am sure there will be more updates on those social media sites than here, so if you want to stay tuned, follow me there! :)

Blessings and until next time!
*Pregnant lady* :D