I have no idea what is going on with my body. No, i won’t creep you out but just try putting down, what is going on with my health. It’s been strange lately. And by lately i mean… well about couple of months at least.
At this point, i can’t even remember what was the first thing that hit me. But right now, there’s quite a few things at the same time. Not sure if they are related or not, but they sure have made my life well hard. Currently in bed with a headache. I can probably assume it’s from the fact that i want to quit coffee. And maybe little jetlag. After all i arrived on saturday night from 4 flights and 16 000km away. But thinking that mostly coffee withdrawal symptoms. Why on earth would i quit coffee? Well yes, it does wake me up in the morning. BUT the coffee i had for the previous two weeks was too good to be having this coffee here, which isn’t so good. Besides that, i am addicted, and that surely can’t be good (addicted for me means about 4 cups a day. At least. That’s like 1 Litre of coffee. Every day. With milk and sugar). So yes. Besides that, the sugar in my coffee doesn’t help with my weight. Well that and having a lot of sweets. But one thing at a time. For now.
Anyway, that’s like one thing. Then there’s my lower back. It hurts. Some days like today, like super much. Not sure why. Could be old injury (worked as a baker once and lifted a flour bag, mistakes, i know). Or maybe something else. Don’t know. All i know is it hurts. Like so much that i have to change position to survive. Or sometimes so bad that i don’t want to move at all.
Then while being in Australia, my knees, and occasionally my ankles, started hurting. Didn’t do absolutely anything straining. They just started hurting. Like joints or something. Very strange. Still hurt. Annoying when you have to use stairs daily.
Besides that, there’s my digestion. Well weird thing to talk about, but oh well. Occasionally diarrhoea, sometimes gas, sometimes constipation. Wish i could get it right. To work regularly, with nice consistency, to put it the nicest. It’s just super annoying. Most days i’m constipated. And not sure what to do about that. I do drink water. And eat veggies, but still.
Besides coffee, i am also pretty addicted to sugar. Which is harder to quit. Don’t control my diet here, so not sure what they put in food, but my snacking must stop at one point. Not sure how yet, or when, but keep thinking about that. It’s not helping my weight, or energy levels. But will see what happens.
In all this, i have no clue what to do. With headache and tiredness from jetlag, i can rest and sleep. With everything else, i am clueless.