A while ago i shared how i don’t have jobs anymore. I used to have two, for those who didn’t hear that news. But for two different reasons, i don’t have them anymore. Which means, i only rely on support. I do try to not spend, well almost anything, because i don’t have my own income anymore. But i am still surviving! Yes, that is a word i’d use, because well it is very “challenging” to live like this. I use the word challenging, because using a word problematic or hard, isn’t usually shared in christian circles. But it is very hard. I don’t say this because you’d feel pity on me. I share this, because it really is. Not that i’d be terribly lacking anything i can do without, but emotionally hard. But before i get into that. I need to say thank you.

I do praise God for every single person who have felt the urge to help me financially. I know a lot of people pray for me, and that is also very very highly needed and appreciated. But also people who support me financially are equally important for me. So i want to say that i am very very grateful. Without you, i could not be here. I could not attend college, be shaped more into the “me” that God wants me to be, to prepare for marriage, to eat, sleep here, to go to therapy. You have made all these things possible. So thank you for being faithful to God nudging you and for sharing with me what God has trusted to you. You’ve had a great influence in my life in the time here and i am more than grateful. Every time money arrives to my account i am just baffled. Yes, baffled by God’s grace to provide for me. So thank you, again and again!
For those who pray for me! You are amazing warriors and faithful people in my life! I am so glad you take that time to cover me in prayer! At these times it is very very important, because the struggles are very very hard. Mostly in my mind/head, but also physical struggles. So thank you for being the people who pray for me!

But i need help. I am honest and straight-forward in this and say that it’s not easy for me to ask for help. For my whole life, i’ve been just handling it. Whatever life brings, without even thinking that i could have more, that i could have everything i need. No, not wants. But needs. Estonians, just are like that. They usually don’t ask help, they try to be self-contained and strong. And well proud and stubborn in some ways. I try breaking this now and saying, i need help. If you think you can help, here’s for example few things, i need help with. On the bottom, i’ll add my details how you can send finances my way, if you feel God leading you to do that. BUT i urge you to pray first. Always pray before financial decisions. Ask God if you should do that, and with asking Him also the amount. I don’t want you doing this only because of me writing, but if God asks you to, then do it.
But as for my current needs.

  • Weekly i go to therapy.Therapy is 250DKK every single week. (about 33.5EUR and 50.7 AUD)
  • Spring is coming up and my shoes are falling apart. Second hand shoes (i don’t usually buy new things) could be from 40-100DKK (about 5-13EUR or 8-20AUD)
  • Hygiene products (well you know, the stuff you use for cleaning, washing, brushing, etc). No amount there, depends really on when things run out. But it’s a basic need.
  • Health expenses (same as previous, no numbers to put there, but i have some medical conditions, i need to take care of and aren’t publicly discussed, but is an expense in my finances.)
  • School fees. (i have a HUGE discount from school, but it’s still an expense) it would help if i had more or less 200DKK monthly (26EUR or 40AUD)
  • Phone bill (depending on the month different amounts). Average bill around 100DKK (13…EURr or 20AUD)

So these are just basics. Things i can’t really go without. Well it’s debatable if i can go without shampoo and such, but you get the idea. Sure there are things that i’d LIKE, but i don’t have the option to treat myself to my wants. I’d love to spoil myself, but yes, maybe someday when i have my own income. Until then, priority is to cover the needs first.
This seems very cold, blunt and straight-forward, but i have no way to make this sound nicer. I have no reason to make it more pitiful so you’d feel sorry for me and send me money. I don’t want that. I want to be honest, to share real need for help. And ask you to pray before you make decisions.

Thank you for reading and for considering helping me out!

Details for three different options. And if you want to support specific need, write that in the explanation when doing transfers. :) Thanks!

1.Estonian people:
Mirjam Lipstok

SEB: EE731010010573662010

International options.

2.Transferwise and 3.PayPal (Transferwise is cheaper with fees they take) both use my email address: mirjam.lipstok@gmail.com

And that’s all you need. I am grateful for those who already help and thank you for at least considering this! You are a blessing, whether you support me in finances, prayers or just emotionally! Thank you for being there!!!!