So yesterday’s post was full of memories and emotions. Moments we’ve been through already. So in some ways, this post might be considered even boring. But in other ways, I and we, want to set ourselves goals, because well if you don’t even try, then you are gonna be the same. Setting yourself goals and at least trying, even when failing, you have at least some chance of succeeding. You can then tell yourself that you tried. And throughout the year, I am pretty sure I might change and adjust the goals. Especially considering that having a new family member will change a lot.

But as we were thinking of goals today with Peter, we wrote down different things. Because some things are more in my heart, some more on his. Some things we will continue doing, bringing it along from this year, because we see they work and they are good for us. All these are thoughts fresh from this afternoon. None will be guaranteed to succeed, but when you try to write goals, think about SMART goals. SMART stands for specific, measurable, achievable (very important!), realistic, timely (like how often, when do you want to finish etc). I didn’t apply this to everything, but to some things. With some goals, I applied to part of the smart, because we are moving there’s gonna be a lot of new variables in our lives. But we did it. We have thought, and written something. This is for me personally. Something to strive for. At least to try. Feel free to “borrow/steal” some goals for you if you find inspiration here. Or use some questions to think about your next year. 
This is it. Last day of 2017. You’ve just spent 364 days, 365th one ticking away. The new year just around the corner. Are you where you thought you’d be? Are you where you want to be? WHY on earth even set goals? Most people know where they DON’T want to be. What they DON’T want in life. But have you thought about what you DO want? If we never set goals and think about it, life will always stay the same and you will just drift through life. 
The new year makes me always think what I want to change. What I want to be different when I arrive at the next 31st of december. Every year I start with high hopes. And every year there will be changes in my hopes and dreams. And there will be failures. Expect them. BUT don’t let them stop you. Failures will happen, it’s absolutely normal and inevitable. Maybe you just set your goal too high? Unreachable. Start small. Make small changes. Once you achieve them. Go bigger!

So here goes for dreams, thoughts, goals and hopes for next year!

Where do I want to grow?

  • Having closer/deeper relationship with God
  • Regular time with God
  • Improve relationship with Peter
  • Keep in touch with friends
  • Learning to be a mom!
  • Managing time spent online (less!!!)
  • Read more
  • Serve others more.

What do I want to accomplish? (family, friends, hobbies, christian life, health, habits, work etc)

  • Family - keep weekly dates with Peter; make an effort to reconnect with my family (once in Estonia)
  • Friends - write once a month (or more); meet with Estonian friends (once there) once a month or more.
  • Hobbies - yarn (if available) - use up before buying more; drawing/typography/doodles - 1xweek make time! Read 12 books a year (1 per month!)
  • Christian life - regular time with God (aim for 5xweek); continue morning prayer walk with Peter (aim for 5x month); make prayer lists
  • Health - limit buying chocolate; do your best to eat healthy (homecooked meals); walk 30min per day 5xweek (prayer walk counts too); take time for me 5x week (self-care); after the baby is born reevaluate!
  • Habits - limit internet use (e.g. - check Facebook 1-2 times a day etc); phones away from bed(room); help out with chores more (fewer excuses!), but don’t overdo it; keep your surroundings tidy (aim for minimalism to continue)

What memories do I want to make?

  • Show more of Tallinn to Peter
  • Experience crazy Estonian weather with Peter
  • Have a baby!!!!!!!!
  • Visit other towns, maybe an island?
  • Full conversation with Peter in Estonian.

And that’s all she wrote. In my journal at least. This at times looks taunting. But thinking of the fact that I have 365 days. Quite a bit of these is already set in my days. Then I hope it’s achievable. I know some things will take more effort, like having regular time with God, but then so did prayer walk with Peter when we started. We started that because we felt we needed more prayer time spent on our marriage. The enemy will do anything to tear people apart, because a godly marriage is an amazing thing. So we felt that God said basically “What are you willing to do for this? Are you ready to say - whatever it takes?”. And on days where I wake up, not having slept good, I need to remind that to myself. It’s early, I’m tired and want to naturally moan. Of course, the enemy will push you and tell you not to go pray. But you remind yourself that “whatever it takes” and do it. Even if you don’t like always things that you need to do, you know deep down inside they need to be done.
I hope this has encouraged you. Maybe given you ideas for goals. Feel free to add more questions for you. Like maybe you want to learn new things next year? Maybe you want to set financial goals? Maybe you want to prepare for marriage or something else big. Whatever your categories and goals, I hope you at least give it a try! And when you fail, try try try again! :)

Have a wonderful new year! Thanks for being my readers this year! And next! Be blessed!