Been a while - but i got something i gotta share!


Hi! So if you haven't been here before, heelloooo! My name is Mirjam, you could probably guess that. And this is my blog. I haven't writte over a year, because well. Who cares? I want to be unapologetic with this. I am not consistent with this blog, so mostly you can find my posts on instagram/facebook. But today, i got a bit more to say. And typing on my phone a longer message got a bit too much.

This picture was taken last night. We had a nice family walk after dinner. It was still light outside. My husband took this. And i didn't originally want to post this, because i can tell how...

Labour, delivery, new human, recovery

Labour and delivery

It was already so long ago, but it has taken me quite some time to get to my blog again. Little breaks between taking care of our daughter are spent on "me time". Also, i might be sharing details about labour not everyone wants to know. So cringe-worthy stuff you can't stand, just scroll to the next section.

Starting from around 28 weeks of pregnancy i started to have high blood pressure. They (midwife) discovered it at one of my appointments. Due to that, they asked me to monitor my BP (blood pressure) at home. At first, i didn't have blood pressure machine at home, so...

Waiting waiting

As i sit here with my 38 week pregnant belly in our new rental apartment, i realized i have forgotten to blog for quite a while. Nope, there won't be apologizing, because why? It's not an obligation. But more like a pleasure to me when i feel like it.
But lately, life has been a lot of waiting.

We moved to Estonia a bit over two months ago now. I was then 27 weeks pregnant, and well flying was uncomfortable even back then. Airport walks were tiring, patience was running low. But we made it. We made it to Estonia which was just coming out of winter. Peter was able to experience all the...

Life when you trust God

Most of my Christian life people have told me that "Mirjam, you are so brave to do this!" But I've personally never seen it like that.

It's been a little over a week and we have moved to Estonia, my homeland. Our new home. It wasn't an easy decision, but it was what we felt God was calling us to do. And that is the only way I have wanted to live my life, even before meeting Peter. Now, as we are together, I am blessed that I have a husband who follows God with me. Even when that means let's move to the entirely opposite side of this Earth and make that our new home. Even when we don't know...

Mommy thoughts - parenthood

21 weeks now I have been a mom. Even though our little one is in my tummy for now - that on its own makes me a mother. Taking care of a child starts in the womb. At least for me and us. I know that baby needs nutrition, occasional gentle exercise (mostly walks for us). I know how I feel comfortable and your body or the baby will let you know when you are doing something wrong. Be it your body making you have acid because you ate the wrong things, or baby kicking around inside you when you are laying on the wrong side. (that last one hasn't happened to me yet, but I've heard that some moms...