"I'm sorry" - unapologetic

These two things in the title, they really don't fit together. One of them is something that i have learned from early age. To be sorry. For almost anything. Just to be safe you say it more often than you really need to. Just so you wouldn't cause others hurt, or maybe even before hurt comes you say "sorry" before every other sentence, opinion or comment.
The other part - being unapologetic - is something I REALLY REALLY still need to learn. This is what i want to write about.

But first, let me share where the inspiration for this blog post comes from. I am entertaining my unemployed self...

Think about what you are thinking about!

Check your thoughts

I am sitting in our new/old home, i am happy! I really am! And why? For so many reasons to call myself blessed. But more on that later.

For now, i want you to think about something. If you are female, you can more than likely relate to the body-image struggles. You see EVERYWHERE skinny people. You might think that you are fat, disgusting, wobbly, could loose some weight, not fit, need to exercise and/or diet. And all those other thoughts that go through your head. You might feel that when someone gives you feedback, that you aren't good enough. That's what you think,...

2:31 - A.K.A mental health rant again.

It's 8:50pm previous night and i feel i can't stay awake. We stop the sermon we were listening and Peter sends me off to bed. I fall asleep quickly. That hasn't been a problem most times. Falling asleep part is easy.

1:20am. First time opening my eyes after Peter got to bed. I am immediately frustrated. NO! It's too early. I try closing my eyes and toss for about an hour.

2:31am. I have given up and have gotten out of bed and turn on living room light. Making coffee is a hassle. Making anything is hard. Lack of sleep has caused so many problems.


It's way too early,  but here i am....

Too much...

2:49. My mind doesn't want to accept that number on my phone. 2:49. And i am awake at this hour. Can't really call it a morning, but what else would you call it. I again explain to my husband - "i can't sleep...", kiss him, and leave him to sleep. Getting up to get coffee. My brain wide awake ready for well everything. Before i reach the toilet, my mind is already racing with million thoughts. Before i get to the coffee machine or a glass of water, well the plan for this day has been made, remade and replanned several times. So many thoughts, with so little energy. My body is tired of my...

Marriage is a half untucked bed

I originally planned to write this almost a month ago. But Peter, my lovely husband and it-man, was doing updates on my site. Anyway, as i was changing bed sheets one day and noticed something. Like the picture above. This is how the end of our bed looks like. I realized that we had learned to compromise in marriage. Not just that, but to accommodate each others quirks and wishes.

Society shows us movies and animations about wonderful love, and how everything looks like a fairytale right? Maybe since you were a little girl (or a little boy ?), you dreamed that one day that special someone...