Over time, i have tried so many Bible reading plans and different ways to read/study the Bible. I can tell you that a lot of them have very high expectations to get things read. There are pros and cons for Bible reading plans. Here’s some i thought of. Later i will share my *extensive* list of plans i’ve bookmarked over the time.


  • if you have no idea what to read, they will tell you.
  • if you have no idea how much to read, it helps
  • if you are looking for some special thing like “let’s read through the Bible in a year or two”, or “read 5 days a week” or whatever else, these help.
  • if you want something to help you tick off days that you read your Bible, this helps

Otherwise, i am clueless why use Bible reading plans, but some cons also.


  • it’s easy to think of this as just “get it done and tick a day off” thing and not really dig into God’s word.
  • easy to feel guilty when you skip/miss a day or few or a week. Due to whatever reasons.
  • Over time they might get boring. Especially if you like variety like me.
  • a lot of these plans might seem overwhelming and not achievable.

So which one is for you? Well that is for you to discover. I would not recommend starting something big, if you know that you are bad at finishing big projects. If you like small things, start small. But here’s a loads of options for you to look through and choose or just bookmark for later if you are a procrastinator like me. Or just bookmark this page to come back to when you think that “oh i want to have a Bible reading plan and i remember Mirjam blogging about this”. Anyway, here goes.

So that is only some options available out there. There’s plenty plenty more options. It all depends on what you like! If you need help with all these or something, well you know where to find me. (everywhere!) But i hope that this inspires someone to read more, dig deeper or go further with God’s word.