Yesterday i got to a point where i was thinking that, oh, haven’t really posted about my trip much. And it’s been way too long. Some people have asked me about it, but mostly they ask about “how did he propose” :D
But besides the proposal to have my hand in marriage, which i’ll also write about, i’d love to share what did happen there in the two weeks i spent there.

To start off, i had to ask time off from school. For two weeks. I prayed a lot, but got the permission. We had then purchased tickets for me and this was my first time traveling all on my own this long. Kind of scary, anxiety overloading, but looking back, wasn’t as bad as i thought. Typical.

Packing, well of course i packed way too many things that i didn’t use. And i even bought a new suitcase, a small one, to use as hand luggage. Found it in second hand here in Mariager. It was adorable! AND fit perfectly with the hand luggage allowance regarding measurements. BUT carrying about 6-8kg on your hand without any shoulder strap, well let’s just say i didn’t return with it. My hand isn’t use to walking around with so much weight hanging on my hand. But gladly most airports have cute trolleys you can use.
Anyway, my trip began by me getting myself over there. Flights were fine, i even slept a bit. Yay! Food, well wasn’t that great. Especially Air China. No offense to the airline, just me and my taste buds aren’t that excited about rice or any Asian food. But i survived. I had bought some candy, and brought some snacks with me. Although my travel sickness kicked in a lot, the whole long flight, for about 10+ hours we had turbulence. I tried sleeping, but didn’t work out much due to shaking so much. Seat belt sign stayed on most of the time that my eyes were open and even when they were closed. But i got there.

Arriving to Australia was a hassle. First i discovered that for whatever reason my Estonian number didn’t work! Imagine the small panic as you are entering a new country, your flight was late and everything takes so long time and you can’t say to your man that i’m coming. I had so much trouble getting through customs. This is one hard country to get into! Prepare yourself! They ask you to fill in customs paper, if you have anything to declare. They ask for flight numbers and all sorts of things, local contact numbers and address and so on. And if you are kind of upset already and panicking then remembering things is rather hard. Glad i had written some things down.
After the paperwork and passport check, they asked if i had anything to declare. Well i had some bamboo stuff (my hairbrush and comb) and thank you Lord, but they didn’t ask me to tear my suitcase apart to show them. So after an hour or more after arrival i finally got to Peter! I think i even cried. All this time going through the customs and all that, i had thoughts “will he still be there”; “how will i find him in the crowds…” and all sorts of thoughts. But he found me. I was so relieved to be back in his arms. I grabbed some clothes after calming down a bit, and went to the restroom to change. I’d been in the same clothes for 24+ hours… Then Peter gave my things to his parents (who i met later) and we went off to explore Sydney.

We took a train from the airport to Harbour Bridge. And i was there. I was really there! In Australia. In summer clothes! Applying sunscreen while my friends are wearing winter coats in Estonia, and in Denmark. It was so weird. It was 24th of december and i was experiencing for the first time, summer. In December. It’s something that will take time to get used to. That seasons are different there. BUT so pleasant!
Guess who got a sunburn first day there? Me! Haaa! Well, i did put sunscreen, but obviously didn’t think i’d need to reapply it. In Estonia, that doesn’t really happen that much. Learning a lot. And they have parrots flying around?! What? This is some magic place. Nature is amazing. Palm trees, flowers, parrots, funny sounding birds. And it’s december, right?! Very strange, but pleasant.
We walked around and then found a lunch place in Circular Quay close to the Opera house. Which we also saw later. And botanic gardens. And had a ferry ride. And at one point i got tired and we got me to my motel. And Peter went to his grandparents. I had so much to write, but was too tired. There was so so much to experience, see and hear and all that throughout my trip, which is why i didn’t write there and then.

I rested a bit, showered and applied, MORE sunscreen. We went to Koorong! Which is a BIG christian book shop in Sydney. They also have a web store, if you need something. Oh my oh my, i could’ve stayed there, for ages! We were looking for marriage preparation book we could do together, and maybe a devotional for me. We did get one marriage prep book for both of us, that had exercises and questions to answer. Had dinner at Maccas (Mc Donalds for them) and played putt putt (minigolf). Australians use a LOT of abbreviations or shortened words. Like breakfast is brekkie. For example.
We had a cosy time outside just talking. I still couldn’t believe i was in Australia. They drive on the wrong side, they have warm weather at Christmas, and a lot of jungle sounds in the air. It was magical.

The next day, 25th of december, i had my first ever summer christmas in Australia. Strange that most Australians have fake christmas trees. The plastic ones. They reuse them on several years. That might be something i’ll miss when i move there. So sun is shining, parrots are in the backyard eating seeds and such, and we are having christmas! I met then Peters parents, and grandparents. And they were all as lovely as i thought they’d be! I felt so loved and got even presents. Which i didn’t really expect much.
Peter and i also exchanged gifts and we had agreed before to make them ourselves so we wouldn’t spend too much money. And everything was as a fairytale. I just couldn’t wrap my brain around the whole christmas thing. No snow, no cold, no fire needed to warm up. But sunscreen is needed. :D
After the christmas presents and formalities, we had a small walk in the neighbourhood. At one point we drove to see a close by waterfall. But the heat and jetlag had gotten the better of me and i wasn’t feeling entirely myself. But i tried to be a good company regardless.
It’s strange to see parrots flying around, as i’ve previously seen them only in the zoo or someone’s cage. Or to wake up to strange birds and screaming and realizing, oh it’s Australia sounds. Took some time to get used to.

Peter was a perfect gentleman and drove me home, said goodbye and didn’t cross any boundaries we had set up. The next day he brought me coffee when he picked me up from my motel where i was staying. But let me stop here and leave that for another post…. there’s so much to share!!!

-–to be continued…